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Sometimes it is not enough to tell a child how to behave in various social situations, you need to show them.  


We love what we do & have a passion for seeing your child succeed!

My family was attending a cookout this summer and I had the usual hesitation about going.  With the large crowd I was worried about my son and how uncomfortable he would be, how long would we stay, what kind of fit would my daughter pitch when I said time to go. 


Joseph has been attending Second Nature (formally known as build-a-bond) for not quite a year.  I didn’t realize what a difference it had made until I saw him actually approaching the other kids.  He was beginning conversations, laughing and enjoying himself with the other kids.  And even though at times I could tell he was recalling something he had learned from session but he was the one who pitched a fit when I said it was time to go.  I have cried all the way home from many parties but this time I can honestly say it was because I was so happy and grateful that my son was happy with other kids around him. That’s all any of us could ever want as parents.

 -Kathleen M. of Marshfield



When my husband and I were searching for a new social skill program for my 11 year old son, with Asperger Syndrome, we were familiar with the various programs in the area that offered good programs, with very well qualified staff in a traditional classroom setting.  We felt, however, that the major component that was missing for these programs, and that my son Johnny had the most difficulty with, was to take his learned skill to the next step and actually generalize it in a public setting.   


Johnny is good at repeating in a closed environment, but these skills aren’t as easily transferable in a ‘neurotypical’ world.  Second Nature understands this and offer one of the few (if any) programs out there, whereby they split their programming time in half so the kids go on ‘field trips’ and actually get a chance to practice these outside the 4 walls of a traditional classroom setting.  Johnny loves going on Saturdays.  We feel fortunate to have their type of program less than a half hour from home.  

 -Nancy T., Sandwich



The exuberance that Amy, from Second Nature Social Skills, brings to her job is amazing!  She thinks "outside of the box" when interacting with my son and is creative about trying new strategies to see what will work for him.  The visuals she creates for his social scripts helps him retain information to be used in their conversations.  It's a pleasure to have her in my home.

-D.K., Hingham



When our son was transitioning to middle school, we had some concerns about his placement and the suitability of the program being offered. Amy’s expertise and experience as an educator proved invaluable when working with the school. Because of this, we were able to attain a successful outcome. We would recommend Second Nature Social Skills' services for any family trying to navigate the educational system during a challenging time.

-D.P., Weymouth



My 7 year-old son attended the YWCA Social Skill Camp this past summer.  With Amy's expertise, he was able to be included in the regular camp program.  I sing Amy and her staff's praises everyday. Her low key, nonjudgemental and thoughtful approach to parents, kids and staff coupled with her hands on, innovative behavioral interventions helps each camper to reach their full potential.  My son had fun while learing some important and effective social skill strategies. Family, friends, teachers and therapists who know him well have all commented on the positive changes he made through his participation in the "Y" program  We are looking forward to returning next year!!

 -Allison Feeley, LICSW/Parent





What our partners & collaborators are saying about us


Massachusetts Advocates for Children (MAC) has been fortunate to partner with Second Nature, formerly Build-a-Bond, in providing outreach to parents and professionals in Plymouth County.


MAC’s Autism Special Education Legal Support Center has collaborated with Amy Gordon, the Executive Director and educational consultant of Second Nature, who has helped the Center reach parents, professionals and advocates in order to further empower them to help the children within the South Shore community. For example, Ms. Gordon has hosted trainings for parents and professionals which will have a long-term effect in the community while also helping individual children get direct services they need, such as assistive technology, ABA/behavioral programs, social skills development, speech therapy, and other special education programs and services which have an immediate impact of helping children to not only remain safely in their homes and communities but also to reach their potential.


Ms. Gordon has also co-presented a training at Lesley University with MAC’s Senior Project Director, Julia Landau, training over 60 professionals who work across the state with children on the autism spectrum.


Ms. Gordon's willingness to facilitate and present workshops for both parents and professionals shows her dedication and commitment to helping students reach their potential and for making sure the professionals that work with these students have the training they need to help students succeed.

-Massachusetts Advocates for Children


I really appreciate the way that Second Nature went out of the way to assist one of our most vulnerable families with great patience and kindness. 

-Stephanie Loo, M.Ed., Director of Teen Services, AANE


For the last two years it has been my pleasure to work collaboratively with Amy Gordon and the staff at Second Nature for social programming for teens with Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Nonverbal Learning Disorder. Amy and her staff have made their office, ideas, and expertise available. Because of Amy's willingness to work with AANE, we were able to work with teens diagnosed under the ASD umbrella and provide the best and most creative care possible. Thank you!
-Catherine Mayes, AANE, Plymouth County Coordinator
I can not say enough about your presentation and wealth of knowledge!
The members and guests of CHADD were given a thorough presentation with practical strategies. We thank you very, very much!
-Roberta K Schneider, CHADD Chapter Coordinator