Parent & Sibling Workshops

Parent Workshops


Our parent training workshops are designed to be informative for you and also meet the practical, everyday needs of your family. We present and discuss the following:

  • Strategies that you can utilize within the everyday life with your child or teen
  • How to manage stress, prevent burnout, and increase your own self-acceptance with parenting
  • Explore the roles within the family unit
  • Problem solving implementation
  • Talking to other parents and forming a community of ideas
  • How to apply positive support plans across the home and community settings.


Sibling Workshops

Our sibling workshops are loosely designed around our current social skills format.  We will check in with other children and teens, use creative problem solving strategies, discuss sibling role within the family, shift perspectives from “disability” to “ability,” and have an opportunity to have fun within the community with a group of peers that are experiencing similar everyday situations.